Looking Your Best for Corporate Headshots, Part 3: Being Yourself

You’ll be relieved that once you’ve selected the perfect outfit and groomed properly prior to your business headshot, most of your preparation is complete! By now you should know that being prepared for your headshot is the most important aspect of ensuring an outstanding first impression. Many people make great first impressions; the key to making yours unique is incorporating your personality into your photo, allowing it to bloom from good to great.To bring this series full-circle, I want to discuss being “you” in front of the camera.

I mentioned last week that taking pride in your aesthetic presence for your corporate photo will work wonders in the long run. Sure, Photoshop can take care of some imperfections, but knowing you look your absolute best for all your future clients will let you open up in front of the camera. Your goal here is to look natural and relaxed. An awkward photo can look extremely unprofessional and sometimes lazy. I know nerves can get the best of us sometimes, but if you follow and read this three-part series, I can assure you will feel comfortable before you even step foot in the studio. Being visibly comfortable and relaxed can make a world of difference to any client, even in a picture.

Ladies, how would you feel if you met a client on a bad-hair day while wearing an old wrinkled blouse with a thick layer of lint on your jacket?Probably not a like a million bucks. The same goes for you guys: how would you feel wearing a stained button-down and a fraying lapel just after a nightmarish last-minute shave and a haircut? Not your best – uncomfortable, not confident, not relaxed, and certainly not ready to take on the day. Now, reverse the scenarios. How does everyone feel sporting a crisp well-fitting outfit, a thought-out haircut and pristine skin? You exude confidence and professionalism (though in some it may be subconscious.) It’s crucial to be let your naturalism peek through in your headshot, and the easiest way to do that is to be perfectly ready beforehand. If you lock-and-load, your worries will fall to the wayside.

Your clients want to see that you’re professional, trustworthy and that you care about your occupation. What qualities are they paying for if not these? When they look at your headshot for the first time (or anytime) and see a quality photograph that consists of a great outfit, a groomed subject and an inviting natural smile, they can rest assured that they hired the ace for the job. Just like in business, being prepared is what makes you successful, so why not be prepared and look your best for your business headshot?

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