Recent Photoshoot | CB Insights

Just around the corner from so many prime Manhattan neighborhoods like Wall St, Midtown, Chelsea and NoHo, lies a young startup called CB Insights. Ironically, their customer base is made up of young startup companies who need help answering the question, “What’s next?” Co-founder and CEO of CB Insights, Anand Sanwal was in need of progressive corporate headshots to update the business website and press kits. The shots were to look professional and put-together, yet modern, clean and bright. We took a variety of shots around the office and managed to capture Anand’s relaxed and open personality.

First on the docket was a simple headshot. We shot both in natural light and with strobes to have the options. The natural lighting provided a more relaxed, candid look, while the strobes proposed a sharper, more intense appearance. In addition, a black and white shot was requested, so we concentrated on getting a high-contrasted photo using one key light against a white background. Next, we grabbed some action shots of Anand giving a presentation in a conference. Action photos can give customers a better idea of how your business runs, what your employees are like, and kind of atmosphere a company offers. Lastly, it was time for the group meeting. We had a few employees to sit down with Anand in a few different spots around the office and have a casual conversation about the plans and goals for that day while photos were being taken. The meeting pictures came out great: casual and free-form, while catching smiles and laughs throughout.

We couldn’t ask for a better client than Anand and his team at CB Insights

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