Streamlining Group Photo Shoots | Siemens

This past week was busy, but that’s the way we like it! Law firms, medical centers, realty groups and more were on the docket (the normal list). However, Siemens, a frequently returning client, had a large roster of employees that needed to be shot. Some were new employees that needed new corporate headshots, and others were current employees that simply needed their business headshots updated. Because of Siemens’ sheer massiveness in New York City, Philadelphia and all over the United States, we are very regularly called upon as their go-to photographers to take photos of anyone or anything they require. As we took on one of our largest on-location group photoshoots to date, we were relieved to see how organized and precise the company’s scheduling was. Employees arrived within minutes of each other and had already checked and double-checked themselves before their scheduled time, yielding a more streamlined shoot. This is immensely helpful and saves a huge amount of time and money for you and us both!

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Since Siemens was extremely organized, it went very smoothly and the job was completed without any hiccups. Everyone received their photos the same day, chose their favorite photos over the proceeding few days, and received the retouched images by the end of the week. It can be that easy for you, too, as long as the necessary preparatory steps are taken and followed through with. Have a list of employees who will be getting headshots that can be marked off as people are cycling through. Provide a schedule for these employees. Advise them to check the mirror before their scheduled time and double-check before they walk in. After the photoshoot, follow up with reminders directing them to pick out their favorite shots as soon as possible. Once we receive those selections, we run on our clock…and our clock is the fastest around.

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