The Copycat Photographer

Consistency is an important factor of a successful business. A consistent product or service keeps customers and clients returning with a smile. How can I, as a client, happily continue to patronize your restaurant if my favorite dish is cooked differently every time? Sure, I guess you could call this consistency, but it’s the wrong kind. When I return to a company, I want the same high-quality level of consistency. Wouldn’t you? The same concept can apply to your corporate headshots…especially in the biggest corporate city in America.

A lot of companies, like Gordon & Rees for example, try to keep their business headshots consistent throughout all of the branches (background, lighting, posing, etc.). As you can imagine, this would be a daunting task for a company if there are 10, 15, 20 branches or for Gordon & Rees who has 35+ branches across the US. Simple solution, right? Just hire one photographer and fly them around. Sure, that certainly is an option, but most branches will avoid spending 10’s of thousands of dollars and reach out to local photographers to match the shots to keep it consistent.

What we did for Gordon & Rees was exactly that. Another branch had previously taken headshots that were agreed upon and accepted as the headshot model. They provided one of those pictures the day of our shoot, which made it much easier. The key light was about 45 degrees to the left in front and the low-lit fill light to the right side, providing the subtle facial contrast needed to match the model perfectly. The shots came out wonderfully and were given a 10/10 for imitation. If you need a corporate headshot recreated for your business, don’t hesitate to call. We enjoy a good challenge… so bring it on.

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