In a city with so much potential and so many opportunities, like New York City, it’s great to see the hustle and bustle of new and re-vamped businesses springing up and stepping into the endless rat race. Whether you’re involved in a startup or a matured company with new aspirations and techniques, you can’t deny the overwhelming feeling of being a small fish in…the biggest pond in the US. Undoubtedly, many will be eaten alive, but some will climb the food chain. We know one of these successful chain-climbers. Check out our neighbors at Optimum Media Direction (OMD)!

OMD is one of many of our neighboring businesses down here in the financial district. They are known for their sharp insights, innovative ideas and top-shelf results. As a company continually filled with young minds since the mid-90s, they’ve made quite a name for themselves hosting clients like Discovery Channel, State Farm, Pepsi, and recently Bacardi. OMD strives to propel a brand to new heights regardless of the company or size. As proud receivers of the 2014 Adweek Media Agency of the Year Award, OMD is the most awarded agency network in the world. If you’re in the market for media help, these are the best people for the job.

Look, this is survival of the fittest. You’ve got to stand out to your customers to get ahead, especially in the most business and entrepreneurial oriented city in the United States. Your customers are your livelihood, so keep them coming back. It’s obvious that even a little extra effort, thought and creativity will boost your status on the chain. These actions, coupled with the driving passion and business sense that’s necessary to be the best, will push you to the next level and the other guy aside. Go out, rise to the top, take what’s yours…or we will.

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