UBS on the HUD(son)

We’re always eager to answer a call from one of the biggest financial companies in the world. Individuals, corporate and institutional clients around the globe look to UBS to provide them with financial services, expertise and individual advice. Our specific call was from the Weehawken, NJ office. Through finding us in a simple Google search, UBS loved our work on our site and were ready to set up an appointment for an on-location shoot. Professional headshots were needed for new hires and those who wanted an update.

Upon arriving, we had reserved a room with adequate space and planned on using a white backdrop. However, after seeing what a spectacular view there was out the window, well…NYC skyline on the Hudson? Yes, please. Initially, we had a corner board room which made it difficult to get enough of the background in the shot. So, over the hedges and through the woods to mid-building rooms we go. On a search for a room with a better view, upon it we stumble: the greatest of them all. Quickly, we set up to shoot six people before the room is taken by the swift hand of “Boardroom Sign-Up Sheet” justice. Though we normally use a two-light setup, we decided to use just the one key light off to the right; not only to save time, but also because it yielded a moodier environment which felt right.

Grabbing multiple shots from three different angles for each individual made for a great feeling of relief among the group; previous photographers had only offered a few snaps without much guidance. At the end of the shoot, Chelsea mentioned they were very happy they went with us for that reason alone, and they will be happy to refer and use us many times in the future. When was the last time you had your headshot updated? Don’t you b.s. yourself…it’s never too late for a headshot on the Hudson.

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